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What are Daffy Dialogs?

Daffy Dialogs are irreverent mini-audio plays celebrating memorable stars, personalitiesand historical figures of the past and present. Nothing is sacred... We pepperour productions with famous lines from their most notable works, then put ourmismatched duos in crazy situations ... just to see what happens. We hope youenjoy listening to Daffy Dialogs as much as we enjoyed creating them!



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About Aly

So Cal Gal Off the Hollywood Vine!  Captivated as a kid by story recordsthen onto harder stuff like Saturday cartoons, Lucy and old movies with greatstars. Morphed me into a comedy writing woman of characters...a whole bunch of'em!


track one : Has-Been Hookup
Peter O' Toole: Lawrence of Arabia -1962, Lion In Winter -1968, Venus - 2006
Katherine Hepburn: Lion In Winter -1968, On Golden Pond -1981

track two: Boozer and The Babe
James Mason: Lolita -1962, A Star is Born -1954,
Marilyn Monroe: How to Marry a Millionaire -1953, Bustop -1956

track three : Country Soul
Richard Burton: Dr. Faustus -1967, Exorcist II; The Heretic -1977
Reba McIntyre: Buffalo Girls-1995, Reba TV - 2001-2007,

track four : Into The Closet
Gladys Cooper: Now, Voyager -1942
Leo Gorcey: The Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters -1954, High Society -1955

track five : Shrink Rap
Barbra Streisand: Funny Girl -1968, The Way We Were -1973, Prince of Tides -1991
Peter Lorre: "M"-1931, Arsenic and Old Lace -1944, The Beast with Five Fingers -1946

track six : Yell and Bellow
An Original Creation inspired by Life Experiences

About Bobby

Live from New York! Everything from soup to nuts - mostly nuts. Shakespeare,soap operas, cute green lizards! Old time Hollywood had more than great faces,they had great voices...I love 'em all!

written by: Aly Kay and Bobby Heege
Voice Actors: Aly Kay and Bobby Heege
Produced by: Aly Kay
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